Ardynia Title Screen

Armed with ten bucks, a fishing pole and a dream, your quest is to find and catch the big one.


directional pad
move around
hold the a button
Pick a place to fish
press the b button
Open the game menu
directional pad
Left/right toggle between haul and length records in the collection menu

How to fish: casual mode

Casual fishing is how the game starts out.

Once a fish bites, mash on A until you have filled the progress bar

How to fish: pro mode

Pro mode is not available at first, you might need to talk to someone to get it enabled (hint hint)

Pro fishing is a bit trickier.

There are two progress bars, a big one and a little one. You need to keep the big progress bar's value inside the little one until the little one fills up.

pro fishing

Here the player is winning, the big progress bar is right where it needs to be

Pro fishing requires more focus and better simulates fishing. Pro fishing is challenging with the advanced fishes in the ocean.


click to reveal
click to reveal
click to reveal
click to reveal